Bamboo Black Mask

Contains ingredients ofpropolis and volcanic soil, its texture is mild and delicate that can cover skin pores evenly.
  • It helps to clean the dirt and cosmetic residues in the pores by gently ripping out.
  • And remove old cutins and blackhead while it will improve rough and dull skin.

  • With oil-controlled cleanse and skin pores firming, it makes your skin regain delicate smoothness and moist brightness.


how to use:

  • After cleansing, apply amount mask on face. (Pay attention to avoid eyes and lips.)
  • Massage gently with finger to make it cover on skin evenly.
  • After becoming mask in 20-25 minutes, rip out it from below and finally rinse with water.
  • Note: If you find the skin discomfort, please stop using. Storage Condition: Please keep away from light, to avoid direct sunlight.


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